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Sterling Wells Education Group

Sterling Wells Education Group, established in 2022 as a sister concern of UK-based accountants and tax advisors, we are recognized as an ACCA Approved Employer with platinum status.  We strive to deliver UK-standard education to our Nepalese students. Partnering with BPP in London, a recognized ACCA-approved content provider, we provide standard and in-depth teaching through online and hybrid (combined with online teaching)  classes.

Our vision is to give out the finest resources for our students and deliver UK-quality education in Nepal.

ACCA Approved Employer

We are ACCA approved employer with platinum status. 

UK-Quality Education

We aim to deliver UK quality education in Nepal.

Partnership with BPP

We partnered with BPP for excellent student resources.

Education Redefined, Globally Exceptional

Why Choose Sterling Wells Education Group for ACCA?

Choose Sterling Wells for exceptional ACCA courses.

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ACCA Approved
Employer: Platinum

We are ACCA approved employer with platinum status.


Internationally Experienced Teachers

Our resource includes pre-recorded lectures from BPP tutors covering 100% of the syllabus.

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World Class Teaching Methods

We have done partnership with BPP, the leading ACCA learning provider in the world.

Global Institution

Our group handles more than £2 billion of assets and serve clients in more than 57 countries worldwide.

Flexible, Anytime Learning

ACCA Online: Flexible Learning with BPP

Experience flexible self-paced learning with ACCA Online from BPP. Study anytime, anywhere, and excel in your ACCA journey. Discover the benefits of our innovative online platform.

ACCA Online

With our ACCA Online from BPP, you can learn in a self-paced learning environment and in a more flexible schedule as you will be able to organize your study and complete course in your own time.

ACCA Classroom

Our ACCA Classroom provides you with face-to-face lectures and a collaborative learning environment through which you can engage in immediate discussions/interactions with faculties and peers.

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