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ACCA Admission Date 2023 in Nepal

ACCA, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, offers a globally recognized professional accounting qualification that opens doors to exciting career opportunities in finance and accounting.

If you are in Nepal and considering pursuing the ACCA qualification, it is essential to be aware of the ACCA admission dates and examination cycles for the year 2023.

This article will provide you with detailed information on the ACCA admission process, important dates for 2023 admissions, and the benefits of choosing ACCA as your career path.

ACCA in Nepal: A Pathway to Global Recognition

ACCA has gained immense popularity among students and professionals in Nepal due to its comprehensive curriculum, international recognition, and flexible study options. The ACCA qualification equips individuals with a wide range of financial, technical, and management skills that are highly sought after by employers worldwide.

With an ACCA qualification, individuals in Nepal can secure rewarding positions in diverse industries, including accounting, auditing, finance, taxation, and consulting.

ACCA admission

ACCA Students and Professionals in Nepal: Building a Community

Nepal has witnessed a growing number of ACCA students and professionals in recent years. The ACCA community in Nepal encompasses dedicated individuals who strive for excellence and contribute to the country’s economic growth.

ACCA students in Nepal undertake rigorous training and examinations, ensuring they possess the necessary skills and knowledge to flourish in the accounting profession.

ACCA Online: Flexible Learning for Busy Professionals

One of the significant advantages of pursuing ACCA in Nepal is the availability of online learning options. ACCA online courses in Nepal provide students and professionals the flexibility to study at their own pace while managing their work commitments.

Online learning platforms offer interactive study materials, practice exams, and access to experienced tutors, making the learning process more convenient and efficient. The flexibility of ACCA online courses in Nepal empowers individuals to pursue their career goals without compromising their personal or professional obligations.

ACCA qualification

ACCA Course in Nepal: Structure and Modules

The ACCA qualification in Nepal consists of thirteen professional-level exams that cover a wide range of subjects essential for a successful career in accounting and finance.

These exams are divided into three levels: Applied Knowledge, Applied Skills, and Strategic Professional. Each level focuses on building specific competencies, starting from the fundamentals of accounting and progressing to advanced strategic and ethical skills.

The ACCA course in Nepal is designed to provide a holistic understanding of financial management, taxation, audit and assurance, business law, ethics, and professional values. It also emphasizes the development of critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills, which are vital for professionals in today’s dynamic business environment.

ACCA Admission 2023: Important Dates and Application Process

ACCA Admission for September 2023 in Nepal

For those aspiring to pursue ACCA in Nepal, the September 2023 intake offers an excellent opportunity to begin their journey towards a successful accounting career. Here are the key dates for the September 2023 intake:

Exam Entry Opening Date 9 May 2023
Standard Exam Entry Deadline31 July 2023
Late Exam Entry Deadline7 August 2023
Exams Take Place4-8 September 2023
Exam Results Release16 October 2023
ACCA Admission for September 2023

To apply for ACCA admission for the September 2023 intake in Nepal, follow these steps:

  • Research and Information: Gather detailed information about the ACCA qualification, course structure, and career prospects to ensure it aligns with your aspirations.
  • Eligibility Check: Verify if you meet the eligibility criteria set by ACCA. Generally, individuals with 10+2 qualifications or equivalent are eligible to enroll for the ACCA qualification.
  • Registration: Register with ACCA by completing the online application form available on the ACCA official website. Provide accurate details and submit the required documents.
  • Payment: Pay the registration fee as per the ACCA fee structure. The fee may vary depending on the country and level of qualification.
  • Confirmation: Once your application is processed and approved, you will receive a confirmation email from ACCA, along with the necessary study materials and guidelines.
  • Study and Examination: Prepare for the ACCA exams by studying the recommended study materials and attending preparatory courses, either in person or online. The exams are conducted at designated examination centers.
  • Professional Ethics Module: Complete the Professional Ethics Module to demonstrate your understanding of ethical standards in the accounting profession.
ACCA online

ACCA Admission for December 2023 in Nepal

If you miss the September intake, don’t worry! ACCA also offers admission for the December 2023 session. Here are the key dates for the December 2023 intake:

Exam Entry Opening Date8 August 2023
Standard Exam Entry Deadline30 October 2023
Late Exam Entry Deadline6 November 2023
Exams Take Place4-8 December 2023
Exam Results Release15 January 2024
ACCA Admission for December 2023 in Nepal

The application process for the December 2023 intake follows the same steps as mentioned above for the September intake.


Pursuing ACCA in Nepal offers immense opportunities for students and professionals to excel in the field of accounting and finance. With its global recognition, flexible learning options, and comprehensive curriculum, ACCA equips individuals with the skills and knowledge required to thrive in the ever-evolving business landscape.

By staying updated with the ACCA admission dates and following the application process, aspiring ACCA students in Nepal can take a significant step towards a rewarding career in the accounting profession.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the cost of ACCA in Nepal?

To begin your ACCA studies, you’ll need to register first. According to ACCA Global, the registration fee is £45 (NRs. 7,402.11), and if you need to re-register, the fee is £89 (NRs. 14639.73). Additionally, the standard annual subscription fee for 2023 is £122 (NRs. 20067.95), while the fee for the first year is £80 (NRs. 13159.31). If you’re a first-time student, the total fee for the first year would be around £125 (NRs.20561.42).

However, keep in mind that these fees may differ if you decide to register through a different learning provider.

What is the duration of ACCA course in Nepal?

The duration required to complete the ACCA qualification depends on several factors, including the candidate’s educational background, the pace of study, and number of eligible exemptions. Regardless, on average it takes about 3-4 years to complete all 13 exams that make up the ACCA credential.

A student can study at their own pace and take the exams in any order, but they must complete all exams within 10 years of initial enrollment. In addition, students who qualify for exemptions based on previous qualifications or work experience may be able to complete their qualifications in less time.

Where can I study ACCA in Nepal?

There are several ACCA Approved Learning Partners in Nepal that offer ACCA education both in physical classrooms and online platforms. These institutions provide ACCA courses with qualified instructors, comprehensive study materials, and student support services to help you prepare for the ACCA examinations.

If you are specifically looking for an online ACCA provider, Sterling Wells Education group is a Silver Learning Partner of ACCA and offers online ACCA courses. We provide a flexible and accessible learning environment, experienced tutors, and resources to support your ACCA studies.

What are the entry requirements for ACCA in Nepal?

To be eligible to pursue an ACCA qualification, applicants must meet the minimum entry requirement of at least two A Levels and three GCSEs (or equivalent) in five separate subjects, which must include English and Math or complete their +2 studies.

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