Build your Career in ACCA with Sterling Wells Education Group

Build your Career in ACCA with Sterling Wells Education Group


Introduced in 1904, the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants, also known as ACCA, is a prospering international accountancy institution founded in the United Kingdom that offers the “Chartered Certified Accountant” qualification.

ACCA course

The ACCA course covers all accounting areas, including financial statements, business taxation and legislation, management accounting, audit, and business ethics. The ACCA syllabus is recognised worldwide, making it easier for students to build a career, and it has numerous opportunities in the field of accounts and financing.

ACCA subjects are divided into three parts: studied knowledge, skills, and professional levels. The knowledge and applied skills level are equivalent to a bachelor’s degree, while the professional level is equivalent to a master’s degree.

To achieve the ACCA qualification, one must complete 13 exams and ethics and professional skills modules along with the minimum work experience of 36 months before, during or after the accomplishment of the course.

ACCA Subject: Applied Knowledge

At this level, three papers are to be given. The papers include the following:

ACCA Subject: Strategic Professional

At this level, there are six papers, among which four papers are to be given, two compulsory papers, and two papers to be chosen from the optional ones. The papers include the following:

Compulsary Papers

Optional Papers

There are multiple other fields individuals can enter as per their necessity and preferences with the help of ACCA qualification.

Sterling Wells Education Group, established in 2022, is a sister concern educational institution of UK-based accountants and tax advisors. The group consists of leading accountancy and advisory firms with two offices in London and branches in Dubai and Kathmandu.

Our Education Group is recognised as an ACCA Approved Employer with platinum status because it merely focuses on providing Nepalese students with the finest resources with the collaboration of BPP University in London.

With precise and prime guidance, students who succeed in getting an ACCA-qualified Chartered Accountant are eligible for superior management roles and are most likely to land themselves great job opportunities such as:

  • Auditor
  • Financial Accountant
  • Finance Officer
  • Account Executive
  • Account Manager
  • Chief Financial Officer
  • Business Analyst
  • Corporate Treasures

Our vision is to provide UK quality ACCA education in Nepal, which is why we have partnered with ACCA’s approved content provider and UK’s honoured university, BPP University. With this promising collaboration, we have successfully offered standard and in-depth teaching through online and hybrid (combined with online teaching) classes.

Sterling Wells’ assistance doesn’t just end here; we also extend our services into giving the students access to:

  • BPP Hub Web and Hub Mobile Application
  • Course Recordings by Tutors from the University.
  • Stimulated Computer Based Examination (CBE)
  • CBE Exam Advice and Practice Software
  • Collection of Assessments to Test One’s Understanding
  • Exam and Paper Skills Content
  • Additional Practice Questions
  • Feedback and Evaluation of Students’ Performance

It is already crystal clear that our priority lies in giving enthusiastic students the absolute best guidance, help and resources. Therefore, to validate the former statement, our course assures you 100% syllabus coverage and a 96% pass rate.

In association with Sterling Wells Education Group, the finest learning conditions with world-class teaching methods are guaranteed. Therefore, we make your desire to attain this globally identified, prestigious and reputed ACCA certificate possible, simple, and worthy.

Pursuing ACCA with Sterling Wells will help secure your career for a better future and gives you a flexible area to indulge in, which certainly results in a win-win situation you can set for yourself.