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Here are answers to some Sterling Wells ACCA related queries we receive on regular basis. Have not found the answers to your questions? No worries, write to us and we shall respond you ASAP. 

How much does it cost to study ACCA?

Cost for ACCA studies include two parts: fees payable to ACCA and your tuition fees.

As fees for ACCA exam and subscriptions keep on increasing, it is hard to calculate exact amount of fees payable to ACCA. Please visit ACCA fees for detailed information.

Tuition fee varies based on the paper you choose and the tuition provider. Please contact us if you need information on our fee structure.

How many papers are to be given to complete ACCA?

To complete your ACCA, you should give total of 13 papers. To be an ACCA member, in addition to completing the 13 papers you should also complete an Ethics and Professional Skills (EPS) module and should gain 36 months of practical work experience.


How long does it take to complete ACCA?

The time depends on few factors. If you regularly attend and pass exams, then you can complete in two years. But for most of the students, it takes more than 3 years.

What is the minimum qualification required to study ACCA?

ACCA can be studied after completion of +2 or A level or any equivalent certification. Check details in-Minimum Requirement.

How much does an ACCA earn in Nepal?

Like all other degrees, the amount you will earn does not solely depend on your qualification. It will depend on your competency and experience. Some are earning below NPR 30,000 per month while some are earning more than 8 lakhs per month. But one thing is for sure, after studying ACCA, your confidence grows higher and hence your ability to earn.

Can I study ACCA online?

Yes. Many students refer online materials to study. In Nepal, we provide both online and physical classes with required resources & materials .


What materials do you provide?

We provide online recorded classes from the tutors of BPP University. Along with that, you will also get access to practice tests, CBE software and the necessary notes.


What is the duration of the access after purchase?

After the purchase, you can have access to the materials and resources provided by us with the collaboration of BPP University for a total of 6 months.


How do you accept the payments for purchase?

We have different ways of accepting your payments. We accept eSewa payment, bank payment and cash as well. The receipts of your online or offline payments have to be submitted to us for verification.


How can one calculate their exemptions?

You can visit the page of ACCA Global to calculate your exemptions. You can also reach out to us for specific guidance.


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