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Which Degree is the Best with ACCA in Nepal – BBS, CA, or BBA?

Which Degree is the Best with ACCA in Nepal


The ACCA (Association of Chartered Certified Accountants) accounting qualification is a widely accepted accounting credential that provides students with the knowledge and abilities needed to succeed as accounting professionals.

Many students in Nepal are choosing to pursue an ACCA degree because of its rising popularity. But students frequently ponder which degree would be preferable to earn in addition to ACCA.

In order to assist you in making an informed choice, we will explore the three most common degrees that students frequently consider with ACCA: BBS, CA, and BBA.

BBS (Bachelor in Business Studies)

Bachelor in Business Studies is a three-year undergraduate degree program that gives students a thorough understanding of many business-related subjects. The course is intended to give students a solid grounding in business ideas, practices, and concepts.

Students who enroll in BBS program often study a variety of topics that are crucial to mastering each aspect of business. These topics could include organizational behavior, entrepreneurship, accounting, finance, marketing, economics, management, and more. Both the theoretical information and the practical skills needed in the business world are covered in the curriculum.

ACCA with BBS for Career Advancement

For those looking to specialize in accounting and advance their professional prospects, earning both an Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) accreditation and a Bachelor of Business Studies (BBS) degree offers several benefits.

Strong Foundation for ACCA Qualification with BBS Program

Numerous important ideas in management, marketing, finance, and accounting are covered in BBS programs. This gives students an excellent basis in business fundamentals knowledge and understanding, which can be very helpful in their pursuit of the ACCA certificate.

In order to succeed in the ACCA program, students need a strong foundation in a variety of business disciplines, including accounting concepts, financial analysis, and organizational behavior. These foundations are provided through the BBS curriculum.

Practical Experience Improves Theory in ACCA and BBS Combination

The academic information earned through BBS is complemented by the practical experience gained through ACCA. Through its practical experience requirement, ACCA emphasizes real-world application and the development of practical abilities. By applying their theoretical knowledge to real-world situations, students are better able to solve problems and get a greater understanding of accounting procedures in various corporate contexts.

Individuals have more employment options when they combine ACCA and BBS. Graduates with a BBS degree have a better understanding of other business operations and can pursue careers in management, finance, marketing, and accounting.

Their knowledge of accounting and finance is further strengthened by the ACCA degree, which enables them to succeed in specialized accounting professionals across a range of industries. A wide number of professional opportunities are made available by this set of credentials, including jobs in public accounting firms, financial institutions, corporate finance divisions, consulting organizations, and even for-profit businesses.

CA (Chartered Accountant)

Chartered Accountant (CA) is a prestigious accounting qualification that specializes in individuals with expertise knowledge in the field of accounting, auditing, and taxation. One of the most difficult accounting credentials to obtain, the CA program is created to give students a thorough understanding of many accounting topics. 


ACCA with CA for Career Advancement

For those looking to further their careers in accounting, combining the esteemed Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and Chartered Accountancy (CA) degrees offers an ideal path.

ACCA and CA’s Integration of Theory and Practice

Students can take advantage of the complementing nature of both credentials by pursuing both the ACCA and CA. Combining the practical expertise received through ACCA is the theoretical information acquired through CA programs.

Individuals that possess this combination have a thorough comprehension of accounting ideas, solid technical capabilities, and useful insights into how to apply accounting principles in practical situations.  

Competitive Advantage of Dual ACCA and CA Qualifications

Holding both ACCA and CA qualifications can greatly improve work prospects. Professionals with broad, well-rounded skill sets are frequently valued by employers. Those who possess both credentials have an advantage over other candidates in the job market since they are more knowledgeable and adept at handling a variety of accounting tasks. They are qualified to work in a variety of fields, including consulting firms, financial institutions, corporations, and public accounting firms.

Higher Earning Potential with ACCA and CA Qualifications

A dual degree in ACCA and CA may increase one’s earning potential. Employers value people more when they have both extensive technical knowledge and real-world experience since these professionals may command competitive salaries.

It’s crucial to remember that earning an ACCA or CA demands commitment, attention, and a considerable time and effort investment. The benefits in terms of job opportunities, professional development, and financial prospects, however, can be significant.

BBA (Bachelor of Business Administration)

Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) is a three-year undergraduate degree program that gives students an extensive knowledge of business-related subjects. The course covers a wide range of topics, including business law, accounting, finance, marketing, and economics. The BBA is the best option for students who want to learn about various business fields.

accounting qualification

ACCA with BBA for Career Advancement

Pursuing Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) along with a Bachelor of Business Administration (BBA) degree is a strategic decision for students seeking a career in accounting while also learning about other important areas of business.

Versatile Skill Set of ACCA and BBA Combination

People who acquire both ACCA and BBA qualifications gain a flexible skill set. A BBA program improves abilities like critical thinking, problem-solving, communication, leadership, and teamwork while an ACCA program concentrates on building experience in accounting and financial management.

Graduates become well-rounded professionals with the technical accounting knowledge and broader business abilities needed to handle a variety of tasks in many corporate activities. They can contribute to strategic decision-making within organizations by efficiently communicating financial information, analyzing business performance, and doing so.

Diverse Career Prospects with ACCA and BBA

Maintaining both ACCA and BBA certifications has many benefits, one of which is the abundance of job options. People who are skilled in financial analysis, reporting, and taxation can work in accounting and finance positions. They can simultaneously explore possibilities in marketing, management, consulting, and entrepreneurship thanks to the BBA component.

This adaptability enables people to opt for different career routes, respond to shifting industry demands, and investigate multidisciplinary roles that call for a fusion of accounting and business skills. They are flexible to function for a number of businesses, from small startups to large global corporations.


Attaining ACCA in Nepal opens up a world of opportunities for aspirant accounting professionals. To improve your professional. However, the question arises – Which degree should you obtain alongside ACCA to improve your career potential?

Your personal interests and professional objectives will determine the ideal degree for you. BBS or BBA programs might be preferable if you wish to learn about many business-related topics. CA is a better option if you wish to specialize in accounting. In the end, your choice should be based on your interests, abilities, and desired career path.

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